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Natural leaders do a lot of the right things from instinct. I did, at leading Silicon Valley companies including Seagate, Quantum, and Applied Materials. Actually, I did some of the right things, but not all. The people I led would have been better served if I had understood the 7 Dynamos of Organizational Power and acted from that understanding.

  • Organizational power is the ability to set and reliably achieve ambitious goals. 
  • The 7 Dynamos of Organizational Power is a fundamental, comprehensive framework that documents the generators of group success. 
  • The 7 Dynamos are essential wherever a Leader has a vision that will require the coordinated efforts of skilled team members to reach the destination. 
  • The 7 Dynamos of Organizational Power are familiar, logical, intuitive, and readily observable.  

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Two ways to get started 

1. Order the book and do it yourself.

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You’ll be able to 

  1. Consciously and deliberately fine tune each of The 7 Dynamos in your organization for maximum power. Leading a turbocharged organization will require less effort from you to achieve greater ambitions in less time.
  2. Transfer your understanding to your team, making them less dependent on direct, continuous engagement from you. You can focus more on strategy, growth, and developing your people.
  3. Direct your personal reading for greatest impact, using The 7 Dynamos framework to target your needs from the hundreds of well-researched and insightful books, articles, and TED talks. 

2. Request on-site customized consulting.

Choose this option if you don’t have the internal bandwidth or expertise to manage the process, or if you want to benefit from my experience to rapidly launch any of the 8 Power-Process Tools. Your team will retain the expertise. Fees are customized to your timeline and needs.