Why do some organizations consistently achieve their goals, exceed customer and investor expectations, and attract and engage committed talent—while others struggle?

Because some organizations harness and even turbocharge their organizational power, while others are not sure what it is or how to measure or manage it.

Colleen Cayes was a founding member of the management team at Conner Peripherals, the fastest growing company in American history in 1987. She developed The 7 Dynamos of Organizational Power to help organizations fully claim their highest potential.


Boldly Go equips CEO’s, Founders, investors, and leaders at all organizational levels with a clear, comprehensive framework and practical tools for accelerating success.

What outcomes can you expect?

  • Leading / growing market valuation
  • Leading / growing market share
  • Customer loyalty, strong brand, successful recruiting
  • Predictable performance to ambitious commitments

The Boldly Go value proposition is threefold.

  • Begin right away
  • No new systems to learn
  • More than pays for itself

Boldly Go wants to work with you if …

You are dedicated to …

  • Achieving an ambitious goal by
  • Building a powerful organization with
  • A team-oriented, collaborative approach

AND… your organization is showing symptoms of low organizational power such as

  • Products late to market
  • Declining market share
  • Slow decision making
  • Politics and bureaucracy
  • Execution errors when scaling up
  • Difficulty attracting and retaining talent

OR… You are a startup who wants to lay the foundations for a powerful organization as you grow.

Whether you are a Fortune 100 CEO, VP of a troubled department, a small business owner with big plans, or founding the next Silicon Valley unicorn (or investing in one), Boldly Go can help you design, measure, and build an organization with the power to achieve your ambitious goals. 

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker